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Laser Tattoo Removal – Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Lasers emit safe yet powerful, single wave-length beams of light. Laser light, properly utilized, can pass harmlessly through skin layers to reach the ink in your unwanted tattoo. The ink particles are broken down into many smaller ink particles. The smaller particles are processed by the body’s natural cleansing mechanism and removed.

Does the tattoo removal procedure hurt?

Our patients describe the removal process as equivalent to the discomfort they experienced when their tattoo was originally applied. However, we use a Zimmer Chiller to cool the skin and maximize comfort. Also, as medical doctors we can apply a topical anesthesia if needed for patients with hypersensitive skin.

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Can anyone remove my tattoo with lasers?

High-tech laser equipment experience and techniques are all critical in safe and successful tattoo removal. Each tattoo is unique. Different inks in different people differ in response to treatment. We customize every treatment plan, choosing which lasers to use, the correct wavelength, the optimal energy levels and laser spot sizes necessary for the safest, quickest and most effective treatment of your unwanted tattoo.

How many treatments will I need?

Multiple treatments are required. Ink clears gradually with treatments. Treatments are separated in time from 6-8 weeks to several months depending upon the tattoo. Over time, the tattoo color appearance fades.

Does my tattoo size determine how many treatments I’ll need?

No. Most people mistakenly believe that a tattoo’s size determines the number of treat­ments needed. Other factors are more important. Certain color inks and the style of tattoos are more challenging to remove and may require more treatments than others.

On what areas of the body can laser tattoo removal be performed?

Tattoos of all sizes are treatable throughout the entire body.

Can I lighten my tattoo to be able to cover it with a new tattoo?

Sure!Tattoo artists often refer us patients to lighten their tattoos so that cover up work and adjustments can be made. This allows for greater choice in new tattoo design and improves the final result.

Am I going to have to take off from work or school for tattoo removal treatments??

No. Most people go back to work or school the same day or next. The only exceptions may be my patients with multiple tattoos, sleeves or very large tattoos. Sometimes these patients choose to take a day off.

How much does tattoo removal cost?

Tattoo removal is affordable. We assess your tattoo treatments on an individual basis. We work with patients of all income levels, providing interest free financing.

Am I a candidate for laser tattoo removal?

Not all tattoos are equally treatable. Some tattoos may not respond well to removal treatments. Please call our office to set up a FREE CONSULTATION to review your needs.